33% more students reached literacy proficiency and 52% more students reached math proficiency after participating in Mind Meets Music!

67% of third grade students in Kent County’s Title I schools are reading below the state proficiency level. Mind Meets Music is helping them read before fourth grade. There are many more children in need, and with your support, Mind Meets Music can reach them.


Mind Meets Music is NOT a traditional music program and is not intended to replace school music classes. Mind Meets Music uses music and purposeful movement as interventions to build pre-school through third grade literacy and math skills as well as grow social emotional development.



Between the 2014-2015 school year and the 2016-2017 school year, Mind Meets Music students had a proficiency improvement rate of 33% in literacy and 52% in math! The Mind Meets Music program is making a real difference in the lives of the children served and the latest program test results further validate the program’s effectiveness.

Help bring Mind Meets Music to more students in need!

The three year old students I teach just simply amaze me at how excited they are to learn. They enjoy the program and I can see it working on them. They are just two and three and they are already developing skills for reading!
Morgan Moss , Mind Meets Music Master Teaching Artist
Excellent use of my students time. It's a real learning experience where students can take what they have learned and use it over and over again... the rest of their lives.
Classroom Teacher, Godfrey Lee Elementary
During Mind Meets Music my students are completely engaged. They want to learn, participate and sing. I love that Mind Meets Music is instilling a knowledge about patterns, rhyming and sequence.
Classroom Teacher, Godfrey Lee Elementary School
I just love how our program reaches other cultures and crosses language barriers. I have a few students who know limited English and I love watching them sing songs in both English and Spanish.
Shawn Bouman, Mind Meets Music Master Teaching Artist
It is really fun to watch the students enjoy the music and find themselves singing the songs. One student told me she sings the pumpkin song for her grandma. More and more students open up verbally and I am seeing them reach new heights with singing louder and louder when they had started without talking at all.
Kelly Garbarino, Mind Meets Music Master Teaching Artist
It's truly remarkable to see each class light up when I walk through their door because they love Mind Meets Music and are so very responsive to it. I am constantly impressed with their capabilities and hearing their tiny voices singing on key while tapping the heartbeat is always the highlight to my day.
Malia Huffman, Mind Meets Music Master Teaching Artist
Activities are well paced, hands on, and include elements that are easily spilled into a myriad of other reading, writing, following direction, and listening actives outside of the program.
Classroom Teacher, Godfrey Lee Elementary School
The students sing the songs and play the games during other times of the day - not just during Mind Meets Music time.
Classroom Teacher, Godfrey Lee Elementary School
Extremely happy with the program. It is incredible! The kids and I LOVE it. Thank you!
Classroom Teacher, Godfrey Lee Elementary School Teacher
I have enjoyed watching how students and teachers, alike, enjoy the lessons. I enjoy watching the faces of the teachers when they see their students reach new heights, when demonstrating skills during a lesson. The lessons are enjoyable and draw students right in to becoming a part of it.
Kelly Garbarino , Mind Meets Music Master Teaching Artist
This is a key to unlock thinking and motivation!
Classroom Teacher, Burton Elementary School

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