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Meet Jalen*.  A slight first grader from a poverty stricken area of West Michigan. Jalen, like many of his classmates, struggled with literacy, academic achievement, classroom behavior, and low self-esteem.  Enter Mind Meets Music.  With its short catchy songs, its brain enhancing curriculum, and literacy skill building techniques, Jalen was intrigued. Over the year, his academics soared.  His reading and behavior improved. His self-esteem blossomed. His classroom teacher attributed these improvements primarily to the Mind Meets Music program!  Jalen is one of our many success stories.

Because of your generous support of our organization, we have reached over 6,500 preschool through second grade students over the past three years.  But we have a greater vision.  We want to touch and change the lives of even more Jalens in the next school year.  We want to transform early education in West Michigan for thousands more low income early learners.  We would be honored to partner with 300 people giving $300 in celebration of Mind Meets Music’s third birthday making this vision a reality.  If we can gather this support in our birthday month of July, we will be well on our way to transforming the lives not only of the children of our community today, but of the leaders of tomorrow. Now is the time to invest in the most vulnerable children of West Michigan.



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*Above photo is an actual Mind Meets Music student, but in order to protect Jalen’s identity, is not Jalen.




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