Up until third grade students
learn to read.

Following third grade students
read to learn.



through spring 2018




Today, 67% of third graders in Kent County’s Title I schools are reading below the state proficiency level.  Research shows if these children are not proficient readers by third grade, they are more likely to drop out of high school.

We know a positive early start in education determines the academic futures of our kids and their lifelong success. Mind Meets Music is here to make that difference and further the academic success of our community’s children so they are able to reach their full potential. Join us in creating an opportunity for the children of West Michigan. Together, we will touch and change the lives of thousands of children!

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“Research shows that children who read well in the early grades are far more successful in later years; and those who fall behind often stay behind when it comes to academic achievement. Reading opens the door to learning about math, history, science, literature, geography and much more. Thus, young, capable readers can succeed in these subjects, take advantage of other opportunities (such as reading for pleasure) and develop confidence in their own abilities.”

U.S. Department of Education


Mind Meets Music is NOT a traditional music program.

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