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The Mind Meets Music App was developed to create a FREE resource for parents, teachers, and educational institutions to support our children! Best for ages 4-9 and most impactful when played with an adult or older sibling. Download the app poster to hang in your classroom or print these “download the app” flyers to pass out to your students.

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Classroom Activity Guide

The Classroom Activity Guide was created as a resource for classroom teachers to utilize Mind Meets Music strategies. The guide outlines 13 activities to apply to general education subject matter using Mind Meets Music techniques. Each activity is accompanied by an instructional video found at the link below.

Home Activity Guide

The Home Activity Guide was created as a resource for caretakers to utilize Mind Meets Music strategies with children at home. The guide outlines 7 activities.

Professional Development Institutes

We visit our partners schools annually for Professional Development Institutes which give classroom teachers an opportunity to learn more about how the Mind Meets Music curriculum works and ask questions.

Preschool PDI Presentation:

Kindergarten through third grade PDI Presentation: