Mind Meets Music is an academic achievement program using music to enhance literacy, math and social emotional learning skill. We are committed to a quality learning experience and the success of underserved preschool through third grade students.

Mind Meets Music is NOT a traditional music program and is not intended to replace school music classes. Rather, it serves as an academic enhancement and acts as a conduit connecting the arts with general education including literacy, math and social emotional learning. Mind Meets Music sessions take place twice-a-week for 30 minutes and are child-centered, sequential, experiential, and intense. The outcome is a revolutionary arts integration program of the highest quality, designed to increase the likelihood of academic success for underserved students.


Kodály: Child-centered music education emphasizing singing, listening, moving, writing, thinking, and creating.
Dalcroze: Purposeful movement emphasizing creativity and rhythmic fluency.

Between the 2014-2015 school year and the 2016-2017 school year,
Mind Meets Music students had a reading proficiency improvement rate of 33%.

“Music is transformative, it is the technology of the brain.”

-Nina Kraus


– Reading Music
– Writing Music
– Audiation
– Identifing & Decoding Icons
– Establishing Steady Beat
– Purposeful Movement


Auditory Discrimination: Ability to hear minute differences in pitch.

Comparing/Contrasting Patterns: Ability to recognize patterns and
recognize differences and similarities.

Inner Voice Development: Ability to hear and think deliberately in one’s mind.

Phonological Awareness: Ability to discriminate small units of sounds within words.

Representation: Ability to attribute significance to symbols.

Sequencing : Ability to identify the beginning, middle and end.

Social Emotional Learning : Encompasses five critical skills including self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Steady Beat: Ability to hold a steady, rhythmic pulse.

Syntax: Set of rules giving order to meaning in language and music.

Visual Perception: Ability to recognize patterns, track, and decode icons.


-Taught twice a week by a trained Master Teaching Artist
-Each class is 20-30 minutes in duration
-Written for preschool through third grade
-Universally loved by principals, classroom teachers, and students


Students learn to identify pitch and rhythm.

Students learn to sing with both words and TAs and TADIs.

Students learn different modes of expresssion using solfege symbols and Curwen hand signs.